Choose the richness of the Matcha Gelatos based on the 5 richness levels.

Highest Quality

We use the finest quality Matcha
produced in Shizuoka Prefecture.
This Matcha has won “Minister of Agriculture,
Forestry, and Fisheries Award”
3 years in a row.

About Matcha

Based on your taste

We offer Matcha “Gelato” and
“Soft-Serve Ice Cream”.
Matcha Gelato: 5 Levels
Matcha Soft-Serve Ice Cream: 2 Levels



Wisdom of our ancestors reside in
Nanbu-Tetsubin (iron kettle).
As a Matcha specialty store,
we care very much
about the kettle we use.

About Nanbu-Tetsubin

Please feel free to visit us.

Location: Komachi-Street &
in front of the Kamakura-Station.
You can enjoy the supreme taste of Matcha
and also see and buy Nanbu-Testubin.

About our store
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